Locktec Van Lock Security

We provide professional and experienced locksmiths and we pride ourselves with delivering high standards and efficient work for clients throughout Midlands and the surrounding areas.

Locktec Van Lock Security has used DeadLock successfully for years, and it remains a popular choice with our customers. The DeadLock offers enhanced security by implementing an additional lock point to the door of the van that operates independently of the existing lock mechanism. Because the DeadLock requires user interaction, you have the flexibility of deciding when to lock or unlock the device.

Locktec Van Lock Security does not believe that one type of lock is appropriate for every application, and the door specific DeadLock model available from Locktec Van Lock Security modernizes the product for today's commercial operators. Its design addresses specific fittings and brackets for each unique application. All of the brackets are designed in house by our development team and manufactured to meet the most stringent standards.

The benefits of the DeadLock system include:

  • Full lock sets that include fittings, fixings, and instructions
  • Kits and brackets specific to particular vehicle doors
  • Components of the highest quality
  • Dimple key cylinders that are anti-drill, anti-pick, high-security, and low-maintenance
  • Face plates constructed of stainless steel
  • The biggest supplier provided deadbolt throw available
  • Supplied lock sets that are keyed alike ( 1 key fits all doors )

For more details regarding our services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.